"Warning: Don't Buy Web Design Until You Get Answers To These 5 Questions!"

What's the difference between a website that looks good, and one that gets your phone ringing?

The surprising answer is in one word…


Want more leads? Then ask your web designer whether putting price on the offer page is right, because knowing this gave SafeSoft Solutions, a supplier of call center equipment, 100% more leads.

Want to have quote requests left on your website? Then make sure your designer places the form in the correct place. This was tested and made a 110% difference in the number of leads.

Want more phone calls from buyers? Then you had better make sure your designer puts more emphasis on one of these 2...great offer...credibility...because Cook Travel tested the two and one got 48% more phone calls each day.

Want 4x more leads? There are two ways people contact you. Make sure your web designer knows which one should be used and eliminate the other because tests have shown the right one gets 4x more customers.

[It’s like free money because you’re not investing more money in your marketing!]

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