Want Us To Do Your Marketing FOR You?

From the Desk of Jim Shirley

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Dear Friend,

If you want to significantly grow your revenue in the least amount of time, this will be the most important letter you'll ever read.

This is why.

If you're like most business owners, you barely have time to think about marketing and all the little pieces that go into it.

You're busy handling clients.

Putting out fires.

It's all you can do to keep up with running the business - let alone growing it.

Is Your Business Where You Want It To Be?

Let me ask you this: Is your business where you want it to be? 

Are you making the revenue and profits you dreamed you'd make?

Do you have time to spend with your family and kids? Time for golf or whatever your hobby may be?

If not, then keep reading.

Because I will show you how to get more leads, customers and sales without doing any more work.

In fact, with what I'm about to reveal, you'll have more time to spend "owning" your business and spend less time "running" it.

About Your Current Marketing Strategy

Think about your current marketing strategy for a minute.

Let me see if I can guess what it looks like: 

You spend a few thousand dollars a month on ads. 

These ads are shown in magazines, newspapers and maybe some mailers.

Maybe you also have someone run "pay-per-click" ads on Google or Bing.

And at the end of the month, your business is profitable - so you keep running the ads.

All good right?

Well, this is where we come in and help identify opportunties that can grow your profits substantially...

Get A Custom Marketing Blueprint...Free

Here's the offer.

I will sit down with you either face-to-face or over the phone and talk with you about your business and your current marketing plan...

And based on what we talk about, my firm and I will put together a CUSTOM marketing campaign designed for your business.

This blueprint and my time are FREE.

This blueprint is NOT some generic one-dimensional "system" like search engine optimization or social media marketing...

This is NOT one size fits all...

What you get are a series of detailed recommendations tailored to your business along with exact details of what to implement and where. 

If This Blueprint Is So Great, Why Give it Away?

Here's the deal (full transparency).

You get the full blueprint with all the details.

It's totally free - no hidden costs.

The reason I offer this service free is to demonstrate that I know what I'm talking about and provide value.

When you get the blueprint, I'm sure you'll want to deploy it immediately.

And then you have a two options:

(1) You implement the plan yourself.

You take the blueprint and write all the copy, build the web pages, design the ads, set up tracking, create the marketing materials etc.

If you decide to do it yourself - great! I wish you the best of luck and simply ask that you stay in touch and let me know how it goes!

(2) The second option is that you hire us to deploy the plan for you.  My firm and I are experts at implementing marketing campaigns and we can easily help you put some or all of your blueprint into practice.

We take care of everything from writing the copy to designing the ads. We set up tracking, write the email follow ups, set up the ad campaigns etc.

And if you choose to hire us to do it for you, it's reasonably priced.

Basically, the blueprint is a "foot in the door" so we get to know each other.

With that said, let me address another question you may have...

 Is this some kind of sales pitch in disguise? 

The answer is NO. We are not going to start hitting you with high pressure sales pitches. 

Either you decide to hire us to help or not. If you don't hire us, no problem. We shake hands and walk away and you keep the blueprint.

You won't be hassled or pressured into doing anything.

I don't work that way. 

And with that said...let me tell you

Who I Can Work With

This offer is not for everyone.

For me and my team to agree to put together a blueprint for you (on my dime), you have to meet a few reasonable criteria:

  1. You have to have a solid business already. This is for businesses that are already running profitably...and want to get more profitable.
  2. You need to have a good product/service and good reputation already. 
  3. I cannot work with pharmaceutical or "XXX" companies. Not because its against my religion or something - it's because those industries need a completely different marketing strategy that I don't do.
  4. You have to follow directions. If you hire us to implement a marketing campaign, then we will need your support to put the plan in place.

If you're still with me, then 

Here's What To Do Next

If you have a business that I can work with and you want to talk to me about getting outstanding results from your marketing, then I will gladly set aside some time for you.

This is how the process works:

First, I need you to fill out a quick application. Don't worry - it's simple and quick to fill out. I'm not asking for anything wierd...I just need to know what you're selling and what you want to accomplish and so forth.

Then, I'm also going to ask for a "real person" deposit of $100. 

This $100 just helps me "filter" the freebie seekers out.

I'll give your $100 back immediately after we talk...unless we decide to work together, in which case I will apply it toward your account balance.

Here's What Will Happen After That

After I have  your application and depost, I will contact you directly to set up a time to talk. You'll hear from me within 48 hours after we have everything from you.

The intial conversation will last 60 minutes give or take. 

NOTE: you will be speaking with me Jim Shirley directly - not some hired sales consultant.

After this conversation, my team and I will go back and analyze what you're doing now and then put together a custom plan to grow your revenues. 

And if you decide you want to have us do all the work of putting your marketing plan in place, Great! We can talk about it.

And if not, no worries. 

I'll refund your deposit immediately after we talk. No problem.

 This Offer Is Limited

Because my time is very limited I can only work with a handful of clients.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, then click this link to open the application and then let's talk.

(note: if the link and button are disabled, then we are not taking on new clients...sorry!)

Talk soon,

Jim Shirley

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